Day: February 13, 2021

HBO’s “The Last of Us” Series Announces Cast

The hit game franchise “The Last of Us” developed by Naughty Dog productions announced a couple of years ago that they are stepping in into a deal with Sony for adapting the video game series into a television show.

“WandaVision” Episode 6 Review

The first entry in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s phase four has brought fans surprises and amazement as well. With the characters designed and created to spark questions and the setting of the show to generate weirdness has always delivered the audience entertainment and the lore of Marvel entertainment.

“WandaVision” Episode 3 & 4 Review

The first two episodes of hit Marvel Cinematic Universe television show brought some laugh but also brought some doubts and questions about what was going on and why was the show in black and white and why did wanda keep on hearing voices. Well, all these questions will surely be answered as the episodes will leave no stone unturned.

“WandaVision” Episode 1 & 2 Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally rolled out the very first instalment in the phase four category. Kicking it off almost 18 months later after the last project titled “Spiderman Far From Home”. The first entry in the phase four-category has been in the form of a television show called “WandaVision”.

“WandaVision” Episode 5 Review

The latest episode in the very first television show by marvel studios which expands their universe on disney+ and brings the very first installment for phase 4, just aired its latest episode giving us hints and planting some clues, and leaving all the rest for the audience to guess.

“The Little Things” Movie Review

The Little Things is a murder mystery film directed by John Lee Hancock starring academy award winners Jared Leto, Denzel Washington and Rami Malek who cross each others path which lead them to a gritty, cringy road filled with hatred, anger. The frustration of not being able to catch the killer legally.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Reboot Movie Announces Release Date

The Resident Evil franchise has ever been a growing platform for both films and games. With the game being developed in the late 90s and generating a massive fandom and reviews around it, gave an opportunity to the movie makers to adapt the game series into a film franchise.

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