9 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout

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Wearing underwear and then looking in the mirror, Shopping for beautiful exercise clothes, Registering to exercise according to the program, … are simple but extremely effective ways to motivate yourself to workout and practice every day. In this blog, we have mentioned the best tips to motivate yourself to workout daily. 

Here are the top 9 tips from experts on how to motivate yourself to workout daily.

1. Wear underwear and look in the mirror

Looking in the mirror is a daily habit of every person, but if you look closely at yourself in the mirror when you are only wearing underwear, you will see the flaws in your body very clearly. 

Looking in the mirror not only shows our appearance, but also helps us to see ourselves from an objective perspective, and promotes self-evaluation, just like when we are looking at others. This will help motivate you to actively exercise to improve your physique. 

2. Write down specific goals

– Day 1: Walk for 30 minutes, jog for 15 minutes

– Day 2: Walking 30 minutes, jogging 30 minutes,…

After you have seen the points that need to be improved on your body, you need to make a long-term training plan with clear goals. Set yourself specific requirements for each training session and record all the results so that you can track your progress carefully. 

Each session, you should try to achieve all the goals you set for that day. This is a great way to see how your training is going, and it’s also a great motivator not to waste time in your workout. 

3. Sign up for a workout program

Going to sports centres to follow a course in Yoga, Zumba, or Cycling, Boxing, ….. is a great motivation for you to exercise daily. Although it is a bit expensive at first, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons for monthly or yearly training tickets. Training packages for 6 months or a year will help you save a lot of money while exercising comfortably and effectively. You will always have an experienced instructor to follow if you sign up to practice according to the program methodically. Don’t be shy to ask them questions during practice.

workout image
workout image

4. Shop for good workout clothes

It sounds a bit weird, but when you put on a beautiful and professional workout outfit, you will feel much more motivated to practice. 

If you don’t have the conditions to shop, you just need a few simple T-shirts and personalized sports shorts to change constantly to make you work harder.

Especially when the new sets you buy are smaller than the old ones, it proves that your training process is completely effective, which will make you a lot more excited.

5. Create your rewards before and after training

An example of a reward or punishment for yourself is that if you don’t exercise, you won’t be able to wash your hair. So I always have to tell myself that after 30 minutes of practice I will be able to wash my hair and I will feel clean. You guys should try it. I’m sure it will be very effective. And usually, the reward you give after I finish practicing is that I will eat pasta, Pizza and drink soft drinks. But if you finish your workout and eat like that, the last 30 minutes of exercise will only balance the calories that everyone has just burned. So if you want to lose weight, you have to set the reward accordingly. 

6. Take a photo of your body after every workout

After each day of practice, everyone can stand in front of the mirror and photograph how their body has changed. Surely after 1-2 months of seriously exercising and eating right, your body changes a lot. It’s not as simple as picking up your phone and taking a selfie as usual, but this is marking the steps to change your own body. Nothing can change overnight.

You will see the change in the photo, you will not feel depressed anymore. Every time people look at these photos again, people will remind themselves that they’ve come a long way so they can’t give up anymore.

7. Have a companion

Not everyone likes to exercise alone. It’s also a good idea to find a companion to “strut” yourself in when you’re depressed. This companion doesn’t have to be a lover or best friend, it could be people you meet at the gym who share the same determination to take on this arduous path. Maybe a puppy. Just chasing the dog and the dog chasing you is also a form of exercise.

8. Remind yourself why you started

There will often be a lot of days when you feel discouraged and don’t want to practice, people think you will never reach that goal. Think again about why people started this. Why am I so determined to exercise from day one?

9. Nutritional balance

Training is a long process and if you want to achieve quick results, you also need to pay close attention to your daily nutrition. Take advantage of discount codes, coupons for protein supplements to help you save money, and balanced nutrition for your body.

You should learn about body indexes as well as nutrition for exercisers, especially fitness subjects. It will help you have the right view of taking care of your body while exercising.


Here are some tips for motivating yourself to exercise. Hope you will always keep your motivation to practice to be able to change yourself, and own a healthy body.

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