All Big Movie Trailers Released Last Night

Last night was the night of thrills and dreams as the stories that lie ahead were trimmed and widdled down into trailers. The trailers dropped last night included the month of November's finest releases and the highly anticipated next year's releases.

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Four major film features dropped their iconic trailers last night hinting at the ride of a lifetime we are about to get in the next couple of months. These 4 films include the PlayStation phenomenon Uncharted coming to life with the face of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg on it. Serena and Venus Williams are ready to share their journey of a million dreams with the audience around the globe. Let us take a look at all the trailers dropped yesterday.

King Richard

King Richard tells the story of an ambitious father who is burdened with the responsibilities and the dreams of his daughters into making them a reality. Based on an incredible true story of Serena, Venus, and Richard Williams that will change the shape and the history of the sport tennis forever. King Richard drops on HBO Max and in theatres on November 19th.

Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are the hottest trio one could ever put together. The story chronicles Dwayne Johnson’s character as an FBI Agent hires Ryan Reynolds character a petty thief to capture the biggest art thief in the world played by the ever-gorgeous Gal Gadot. The film drops on Netflix on November 12th.


Coming off from the greatest action film director ever who is famous for making high octane nerve-racking steel cutting explosive films infused with a gripping soundtrack and building intensity, Michael Bay. Bay is back at it again what he does best to blow everything that comes in his way. The film follows two bank robbers who hijack an ambulance while on the run from the police and later follows the havoc as it often does in Bay films. Scheduled for a February 18th release.


Serving as an everlasting legacy in the history of PlayStation games in a way that sony decided to develop a film based on the story arc of the eponymous game itself. The film follows the adventure of Nathan Drake as he embarks 0n a journey to uncover and discover the hidden treasure in the forbidden lands. The film stars Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland. The movie is scheduled to come out in February.


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