All Big Movies Releasing In The Month of July

The Month of July Is Here and So are the Best Films of The Year. Let us take a look at what is month has in store for us.

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The month of July is stacked with some heavy movie titles that will be rolling out on streaming platforms and theatres as well. Let us all take a look at what this month has in store for us.

1. No Sudden Move: Directorial maestro Steven Soderberg will be back on July 1st to lure us into a game of cat and mouse where the town’s biggest criminal and businessmen will hunt each other down in order to execute a perfect plan.

2. The Tomorrow War: Chris Pratt will be here on Amazon Prime Video with the latest alien-hunting action science-fiction flick where the future and posterity both are in danger. The Tomorrow War comes out on July 2nd.

3. Black Widow: Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 24th film in their saga of superheroes will bring out the cold female assassin who is on a mission to eliminate the taskmaster and bring her family together before she ends her legacy. Black Widow will drop on Disney+ and in select theatres on July 9th.

4. Space Jam A New Legacy: Basketball phenomenon LeBron James will be filling the shoes of Michael Jordan and will be creating a new legacy with the toons as they take down the monster squad. Space Jam 2 comes out on July 16th.

5. Snake Eyes: The legacy and the origin of the silent warrior will unfold as G. I. Joe Series brings out the standalone prequel to the character itself. Snake Eyes hits theatres on July 23rd.

6. Old: Horror legend M. Night Shyamalan will be back with another skin-crawling film as he unveils the supernatural abilities an island possesses that turns people old quicker than expected. Old hits theatres on July 23rd.

7. Jungle Cruise: Disney will continue its folklore tale with the next installment in the ever-expanding universe with Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Jungle Cruise comes out on July 30th.

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