Amazon Acquires MGM, Joker 2 In Development And All Big Movie News Of This Week

From sequels being confirmed to crazy castings this week has brought us all in the wildest way possible. Let us take a look at the biggest news in the world of entertainment. Probably the best news that shook us was the acquisition of MGM by Amazon Studios who would obtain the entire library in the coming days.

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This week has proven to be a big week in terms of news as there are a lot of headlines that have managed to attract a lot of attention towards them. Whether it is the acquisition of one studio by the other or the announcement of a movie’s sequel this week brought it all. Let us take a look at the biggest buzzes of this week.

Amazon Acquires MGM

World’s biggest conglomerate Amazon has acquired the home of Jamea Bond franchise MGM in a whopping 8.45 Billion Dollar deal by its subsidiary Amazon Studios. The acquisition is not so surprising as we often get to witness acquisitions of this type as a couple of years ago Disney bought 20th Century Fox and a decade ago it also bought Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm as well. This deal will result in all of MGM’s library being distributed on the streamer along with major changes to upcoming movies and tv shows under their banner.

Amazon Currently owns the market in Space Exploration with Blue Horizon, Product Delivery by Amazon, and Entertainment by Amazon Studios and IMDB. Making Jeff Bezos the richest human being on planet Earth.

Joker 2 In Development

The year 2019 witnessed the rise of our beloved antagonist and the biggest archenemy of the caped crusader and probably the best archnemesis in the comic world, Joker as the story chronicled the birth and transformation of a good man into society’s darkest. The film was directed by The Hangover alum Todd Philips who garnered heavy praise for his work and even managed to receive 4 academy award nominations for the film in Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Soundtrack, and Best Picture. With bagging the best soundtrack.

Now the word has it Joker 2 is in development with Todd Philips penning down the script for even a darker sequel.

Sony Casts Kraven The Hunter

Sony’s Marvel universe began a couple of years ago when Venom kicked off the alternate MCU timeline allowing Sony to expand and invest in their own universe with the addition of films based on Spider-Man villains. Venom 2 is scheduled to release in September that will be followed by Morbius next year. For the upcoming films, sony has begun prepping on bringing out new archenemies with stories of their own. Kraven the Hunter movie seems to have been confirmed by the studio as Aron Taylor Johnson has been roped in to play the big baddie.

Shazam 2 Begins Filming

A few days ago Dwayne Johnson announced that the filming has begun on the hotly anticipated film Black Adam and now Zachary Levi has come up with his own announcement stating that filming on Shazam 2 is underway, both the films will be making their premiere next year along with The Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman 2.


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