Black Panther Wakanda Forever and Knives Out 2 Begin Production

Two major pop culture franchises are gearing up with their next installments in the series. The MCU team will be back with Black Panther and Rian Johnson and Netflix will venture into Knives Out2.

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The sequel to 2019’s hit whodunit directed by Rian Johnson has begun filming as the cast members appear donning special costumes for the roles they are entitled and asked to portray. Greece is the location where the new ensemble murder mystery is set that will focus on the second case of detective in need Benoit Blanc.

A few weeks ago the entire cast was announced leaving out some room for more to join. The current cast of Knives Out 2 stands as Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, and Kathryn Hahn.

Filming has begun on a vacation-themed exotic island in Greece and is expected to last throughout the year. Earlier this year global streaming giant Netflix acquired the rights of the standalone film from Rian Johnson in a 450 Million Dollar deal and immediately greenlit the next two installments in the franchise.

Speaking of films entering production John Wick 4 and Aquaman 2 have also started filming earlier this week. Marvel just announced that the sequel to 2018’s Academy Award-nominated film Black Panther has also begun production with the motive of honoring Chadwick Boseman’s legacy as the titular hero.

Chadwick Boseman passed away last year due to a very long battle with cancer. Marvel Cinematic Universe will infuse the sequel with all of his memories. Black Panther Wakanda Forever comes out next year along with Thor 4, Doctor Strange 2, and Captain Marvel 2.

Filming on some of these projects has wrapped up with some just taking off. Captain Marvel 2 has also started production with Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4 wrapping up a couple of months ago. Apart from the movies, the web series section on Disney+ will see the rise of She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Armor Wars, Secret Invasion, and many more.

In the meantime, the audience should brace itself for Black Widow and ongoing episodes of Loki. This year will also bring out Shang Chi, Eternals, and Spider-Man No Way Home along with Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.

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