Black Widow Full Movie Review – MCU Feast After 2 Long Years

Marvel Cinematic Universe is back with its 24th film in the ever-expanding universe and the first film in the phase four-category only to be released after a hiatus of 2 years.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe is here after 2 long and excruciating years of no films at all with the courtesy of the pandemic. The last time the audience came across a Marvel Cinematic Universe film was way back in 2019 when Spider-Man Far From Hit Theatres. Since then Marvel has announced a plethora of projects that are locked and loaded in the phase four category. 2020 should have been the year we must have witnessed and cherished films like Black Widow and Eternals and shows like WandaVision, Falcon, and The Winter Soldier.

But the year had different plans as it was shifted to the chaos of the pandemic and all the projects were shifted to 2021. Three tv series are already out and now it was time for the main featurette. Let us take a look at what the film offers.

Black Widow: The story is set after the events of the Civil War where Natasha is being hunted by the CIA over the Sokovian Accords. She heads back to Budapest to meet with her estranged sister who tells her that she joined the Black Widow program long ago along with her but Natasha took off after some time as a rouge to support the Avengers and all this time, Dreykov the owner of the red rood the facility where Black Widows are trained is brainwashing women all across the globe to enroll them into this program.

Both sisters join hands to bring down Dreykov and his commander-in-chief Taskmaster. But before they break out their father from the prison, he tried to run away from his daughters in childhood to protect them from the Black Widow program. After escaping they meet with their mother who explains how things work out in the red room and take everyone out. They execute the plan and free all the widows killing Dreykov and Taskmaster in action.

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