Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It Full Review – Horror Story With A Serial Killer Investigation

Eight movies in the universe and still plenty of room to fit in some more. The Conjuring universe has seen everything there can be in the world of satan and demons. The third installment in the conjuring series and eighth in overall setting takes us to a murder investigation saying goodbye to haunted house cliches in most of the horror movies.

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Ghosts and poltergeists have always been a topic of mass debate as some people believe them, and most don’t. In 2013 filmmaker James Wan came up with his own idea to convert real-life horror cases of people who encountered paranormal activities within their surroundings into a film series tied up with multiple events and characters with predefined and preexisting stories.

The first installment and the biggest groundbreaker came with Conjuring that narrated the story of a family of 8 who gets trapped with a devil that is after the oldest child of the family. The second conjuring movie displayed the aftermaths of a nun who went rogue decades ago in Romania. The third conjuring movie released yesterday showcased the events of a serial killer who pleads not guilty as he was possessed by the demon himself.

Apart from the conjuring series, there have been materials that have expanded the setting of the universe like the Annabelle series. The nobody’s favorite doll was created when a man lost his daughter in a road accident compelling his emotions to make a doll in her Memoriam. The doll takes a turn as she is conjured which leads to the destruction of the family the second installment Annabelle highlighted the events when a woman bought that doll from an antique shop for her daughter but later things end up for worse. Later that doll finds itself in the souvenir section of the warrens (The Demonologists) from the conjuring characters but only to be touched by their daughter and her babysitter which brings out the events of the third Annabelle movie Annabelle Comes Home.

Apart from these two interconnected series of timelines the audience also got to witness the origin of the Nun from Conjuring 2 and the origin of The Weeping Woman from the Conjuring titled Nun and The Curse of La Lorna respectively. All these 8 movies sum up the timeline of the conjuring universe.

Let us take a look at the timeline in which these films are panned out. The Nun showcased the origin of the nun then the story moved forward to Annabelle Creation which is sort of self-explanatory then came the events of Annabelle when a woman buys it and after that, the daughter of the warrens comes in contact with her while they were away solving the first case of Conjuring. After solving it they head over to witness their paths crossed by Nun in conjuring 2 and after that, we dive into the culprit of the first conjuring movie the weeping woman, and how she became what she is and who she is currently wreaking havoc upon and at the end Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It.

The film differs from most horror films as it does not have a haunted house storyline. The main story arc of this movie is that there is a woman who is on a killing spree as she has an insatiable hunger for possessing and controlling people. Having killed several and still hell-bent to eliminate more pulls the Warrens into investigating the mystery.

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