Disney Delays The Release Date of The King’s Man

Now Disney brings word that the film would be dropping into the theatres on August 20 this year. Marking its second delay.

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The global giant in film studio Disney has dropped a fear bomb for his upcoming films as the latest news erupted out of the studio essays that the highly anticipated prequel of the kingsman franchise has been pushed back several months.

The franchise that is filled with high octane action sequences, extravagant fashion statements and comic accurate portrayals of their characters collected praise from all over the world with the very first film in 2014 titled as “Kingsman The Secret Service“.

Three years later in 2017, the praise and the love for the franchise increased by the next instalment which went through the name “Kingsman The Golden Circle“.

A few months later after the release of the second film, it was announced that the film series would be expanding its universe by a prequel film titled “The King’s Man”, which would follow the origin of the British secret service and the establishment of the secret order of spies.

It was scheduled to be released in the final quarter of 2020 but was eventually delayed by the effect of the global pandemic. It was pushed for a March release in 2021 and the audience was looking forward to the date and the story it would bring to them.

Although the audience would surely find it disappointing they should be ready as there could be many more delays slated for the upcoming Disney films which include, Black Widow, Shang Chi, The Eternals, Spider Man and many other animated projects.

If any of that turns out to be true the moviegoers would find it hard to go through 2021 and movie studios would be finding themselves in deep water. Let’s see how all of that fares out until then sit tight and brace for impact.

The Kings’ Man releases on August 20 2021.

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