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Currently Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is filming his scenes for "Red Notice" a film for Netflix starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. He also has one another movie slated for release this year titled "Jungle Cruise" by Disney.

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DwayneThe RockJohnson the name so big just like the man himself has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. Born in not so rich family but surely working like hell in wrestling and movies to bring himself lavish lifestyle. The man has made a career that only few dream and a lot less achieve.

Dwayne Johnson Background:

Born in a poor family with his father making not so much to give him a big lifestyle. Dwayne Johnson was born to a Wrestler who was struggling to make money in the ring in order to bring home the beacon.

Dwayne Johnson Net Worth:

To increase the standard of lifestyle and the cost of living one has to make some money. Well in that case “The Rock” managed to make some early bucks off his wrestling career but to convert them into serious millionaire. He had to step into the film business, which also brought him fame and money. The Rock has a net worth of staggering 320 Million Dollars.

Dwanye Johnson on Social Media:

“The Rock” has a superhuman styled social media fandom with all of his posts pointing at his beasty physique he has managed to garner 215 million follwers on Instagram making him one of the highest followed celebrities on Instagram. Competing with Cristiano Ronaldo and Selena Gomez.

Well with enough money and a endless list of filmography and with surely a physique like that one can definitely live a lavish lifestyle.

Upcoming Films of Dwayne Johnson:

“The Rock” has ever been a growing name in the entertainment industry. He started with the egyptian folklore flick “The Scorpion King” serving an another installment for the mummy franchise. He has continously seen nothing but growth by starring in small films like “Doom” and “Welcome to The Jungle ” to slowly gaining popularity and making his way to big franchises like “Fast and The Furious” and “Jumanji“. Which has also collected his extravagant lifestyle.

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