Friends Reunion Full Review – HBO Max Records Viewership

What is considered to be the greatest romantic comedy of all time came to a heartbreaking end in 2004 culminating in its 10 years run on television, Friends is named the best of our golden generation by distance.

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The story of six friends who share two apartments and millions of emotions by their daily routine and personal life have surely made everyone’s life with their sarcastic presence in their daily ups and downs of normal life.

The show ran for 10 seasons for 238 episodes of 30-minute timeslots in an era everyone wants to go back to, the 90s. The show became a universal hit on its run from 1994 to 2004 but is still impacting the teenagers of this generation and will continue to tickle all generations’ funny bones.

The cast said goodbye to the show 17 years ago but was thrilled and had an emotional breakdown when they heard warner bros was interested in developing a special based on their journey and legacy. All of the 6 cast members agreed to do it and joined hands with a plethora of guest stars and cameos with their host James Corden.

The special aired yesterday on HBO Max was when the entire world witnessed the nostalgia and reminisced the golden moments. Firstly all the cast members arrive on their original set to relive the location where they shot all of the scenes and later that day they ended up reading the screenplay of the most hilarious scenes of the show and playing a quick trivia of boys vs girls.

The next day, they are welcomed by host Graham Norton, who asks them some never-asked before questions that eventually reveal a lot than we expected. We hear from the show’s fans and how they have helped them go through the darkest phase of life. We hear the thoughts of other celebrities on the best scenes of the show and later we got to witness a fashion show ramp walk of the best costumes on the show worn by guest stars of the special.

The emotionally happy night came to an end for all of them but the memories cherished will last till infinity.

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