Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Shows Titans in Action

The reason they are hungry for each other's blood will be revealed in the film itself, which is expected to drop on March 26, 2021, in theatres and Hbo Max.

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With Warner Bros. shifting its entire 2021 movie schedule on Hbo Max and movie theatres concurrently has got fans divided as they can witness the plethora of films from their homes that the studio giant is brought to them. Some of the big names releasing this year under the banner of warner bros. include Suicide Squad, The Little Things, and The Matrix 4.

Another major contribution to cinema and pop culture legends Godzilla and king kong will be making their appearance onto the screen this year, with a battle flick titled “Godzilla vs Kong”. The long-awaited section in the monster verse series has been delayed multiple times over the last 8 months.

But fans can stick to the promise made by warner media that every single film coming out of warner bros. will be released in theatres and onto Hbo Max simultaneously and on the exact same day, cutting off the risk of people getting sick of the ongoing pandemic.

Monsterverse is a shared fictional universe created in 2014 with the very first film titled simply “Godzilla” following another film that went by the name “Kong Skull Island” was released in 2017 and in 2019 came the film “Godzilla King of The Monsters”.

All of the three films generated heavy appreciation from the audience across the globe as it brought back fan-favorite monsters and pop culture icons from Japan and the USA.

The first film followed the emergence of Godzilla as the military countered it in self-defense. The second film introduced King Kong inhabited on his very own island expecting a peaceful life. The third film brought up a major clash between Godzilla and other monsters that went by the name Gidora and Mothra.

The fourth film was build up from the previous three films stating that there will be a time when Godzilla and Kong will go head to head. And seems like it that it is happening. Warner Bros. just dropped the trailer last night filing it with heavy octane action and spectacular production design and complete chaos those titans leave behind.

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