Harry Potter TV Show in Development At HBO Max

Deadline is just bringing out a fresh word from warner media that a Harry Potter Tv Series is currently announced and in development for HBO Max.

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Pop culture phenomenon The Harry Potter series was first introduced as a series of 7 Novels written by British author J.K. Rowling. Later on, it was adapted into 8 part movie franchise setting the bar of fictional movies miles higher and collecting love and appreciation from all over the world.

The Harry Potter series also created a massive fandom all around the world which is commonly known as “Potterheads”. Harry Potter file series ran for 8 films based on 7 novels culminating everything in 2012.

Some years later it was announced that a prequel film series is in development which will center around a wizard named “Newt Scamander” and will follow his path to become a successful magic pet keeper. Later on, Newt crosses paths with young Albus Dumbeldore joining hands with each other to bring down Gellert Grindelwald.

The entire saga of magical beings and wizards and muggles is officially titled “The Wizarding World”. Which has 7 Harry Potter films under its belt and 2 Fantastic Beasts film as well with the third one being filmed in the United Kingdom.

Now it is being reported that a brand new tale straight out of the wizarding world is being prepared for all of the Potterheads to reminisce upon. The details about the show are currently being kept under tight wraps but as far as we are concerned that the crew has not been confirmed yet.

But some things are for sure confirmed by warner media and those being that the show will be released on HBO Max and have a fictional setting just like the movies and apart from that it is sure to bring down some nostalgic vibes into the fans of the series.

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