Is Gawr Gura senzawa? Face reveal, age, Japanese girl

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Oh oho oh oh oh… Mysterious girl, I no wait, strike that we wanna get close to you….!

Any guesses who this mysterious girl is that we are talking about? That has made it on the list and in our hearts to get our minds churning in thoughts! Well, we are sure you can at the very least guess in what field she is trying to make it big considering the rising celebs in the domain…. Yes, if you thought of a YouTuber, social media star, or something of the sort, then you hit the bullseye. The suspect for the crime of making our minds churn is… Senzawa!

Senzawa face and real name

Like many other artists, who aren’t big enthusiasts about sharing their personal life on Social Media or search engines, Senzawa also prefers to keep it confidential. The paparazzi have captured none of her family members, which honestly doesn’t surprise us because despite being a Youtuber, neither the media nor her fans have seen Senzawa’s face. But we know for a fact that she has siblings!

Despite being kept in the dark about everything, we can assure that Senzawa is well-educated for her age.

Gawr Gura Height

The Youtuber stands 5’5″ tall and weighs 58 kg, which leads us to believe that the unseen yet mysterious Youtuber is a slim and healthy young, beautiful girl.

Career on Twitch

Senzawa joined YouTube on July 30th, 2016. She is popular for making parodies of pop culture and anime music, and her USP is the blue-haired anime girl and childlike voice used in her videos. She debuted her first song, ‘Dino is a little bitch–Blend S fandub’ on November 12th, 2017. In just three years, the video has garnered over 415,500 views and 17,000 likes. On November 24th, 2018, a video of hers titled “I got blitzed and sang country lane” went viral, garnering over four million views and 140,000 likes in just two days. Senzawa also parodied the famous track, ’Ok Boomer’. It was named ‘Oki Doki Boomer,’ and it featured the blue-haired anime girl dancing as a high-pitched voice sang “Oki Boomer, whatever you say, Boomer” in the background. Senzawa’s most popular video, “I turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap,” was released in March 2020, the year the pandemic broke out. A year is what it took for the video to receive over 17 million views and 595,000 likes. With hundreds of TikTok lip-sync videos, the song became even more trendy.

On November 18, 2018, a fan page for the Youtuber’s fans called subreddit r/ Senzawa was created, and since then, 2700 people have joined the fan page!

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