Loki Episode 2 Full Review – Adversary Lurks In The Dark

Marvel Cinematic Universe just dropped the second episode of Loki answering the long lurking theories and questions that we were speculating all along with some major reveals as well.

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The second episode of the third series in the marvel cinematic universe’s phase four-category Loki just dropped and it revealed what we have been speculating all along. The episode was overall slow but gave away some scenes to cherish upon. Let us take a look at what the episode brought us.

Episode 2: Mobius and Loki both are having a tough time wrapping their heads around the perpetrator and the moves he keeps on making without disrupting the order of time. Loki comes up with several theories on how the culprit pulls the strings and clears his tracks after every incident. Loki explains to Mobius that when that serial killer shows up he disrupts the timeline for a while but that timeline gets erased along with his tracks in an apocalypse, he is using the natural calamities to hide his tracks.

Mobius narrows down all the calamities to an unbelievable number but comes up with a plan to widdle them down using the manufacturing and selling years of that chewing gum they found in the church. That brings them to the 2047 – 2051 period and a wild guess of Loki or moreover a hunch says that the hurricane in Alabama in 2050 could be a perfect spot for him to hide.

They show up in the middle of that hurricane only to be confronted by a powerful sorcerer who is transferring himself into the bodies of others without revealing his face but a moment later we get the twist of a lifetime the person we thought was a man turns out to be a woman presumably Lady Loki. She has been collecting the timeline resetters or readjusters to plant and bomb them into different time zones to create massive havoc of disasters that she succeeds in. Later we witness Loki following Lady Loki into a portal just to get some answers.

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