Loki Episode 3 Full Review – Loki and Sylvie Are Now Teammates

Loki is here with the third episode of his stanalone journey but is he alone as his shadow and counterpart Sylvie aka Lady Loki has her own plan of mass chaos and destruction. Let us take a look at what this episode brought us.

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The third episode of the third Marvel Cinematic Universe web series Loki just dropped and it delivers what the fans have been asking all along. With half of the show now done all we can expect is blistering havoc in upcoming episodes.

Episode 3: The Loki name sharers seek out on a journey of their own on a distant planet when Loki accidentally presses something on the tempad to try and stop the wrath of Sylvie on the TVA. That brings them to a whole new planet on the verge of obliteration as a nearby moon collapses on it every passing second. The lokis try to find a way off this planet by boarding a space vehicle that was extracting the citizens of that specific planet.

Their plan goes perfectly until a security guard suspects foul play, resulting in Loki and Sylvie being thrown out of the moving vehicle. Loki and his acquaintance share secrets about how they got their powers and why they are the masters of wreaking havoc.

Loki and Sylvie head back to the population of that planet that is almost on the verge of existence only to witness the horror that was raining down on them every second. They narrowly escape the falling debris of that moon only to get a glimpse of the space shuttle getting hit by one. Their chance back home is nothing as the tempad also gets destroyed in the hustle.

The episode delivered some of the elements that the fans wanted but left out the main components of the story. But we as an audience will keep our fingers crossed just to root that something incredibly fascinating happens in the second half of the show. With three episodes down and three to come Tom Hiddleston’s performance never disappoints. Marvel is currently working on the post-production of the next-in-line shows like Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel that are scheduled to drop later this year.


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