Loki Episode 4 Full Review – TVA Is A Hoax In Plain Sight

Episode 4 of Loki is here and it reveals what we all have speculating all along. The TVA theory just got confirmed leaving just one question that who is pulling all the strings.

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The fourth episode of the third web series in the phase four category of Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki just came out and it reveals what the audience has been speculating all along. The doubts about the person or the force that has been pulling the strings all along were always there since the very beginning. Let us all take a look at what the episode brought us.

Episode 4: The beginning of the episode displays a flashback where young Sylvie is captured and held captive by TVA officials for the crimes committed against the sacred timeline. The scene cuts to the present where the planet is on the verge of obliteration from a nearby moon. As both of the Lokis converse, they are interrupted by the TVA and forced to surrender to the time gods.

Loki talks with Mobius and explains to him that Sylvie found out that everything in here is fake and a make-believe ordeal controlled by someone. Mobius always suspicious about Loki’s behavior and cheap tricks don’t believe a word that he is explaining.

However, keeping this in consideration Mobius investigates a bit and is shocked to find out that he is a variant and was captured by the TVA and forced to work for them just like the other employees at the TVA as told by Loki himself.

Mobius goes berserk and is reset by Judge and massive havoc breaks out in the headquarters of the TVA. Sylvie tries to explain this theory to an officer and shows her the past memories of herself.

The entire facade ends when the Judge takes them to the Time Gods’ lair and after a brawl one of the gods’ heads splits open revealing wires and cables. Loki deduces that time gods in this place are robots and hence do not exist and the next second Judge resets Loki.

More secrets will be revealed in the future episodes of Loki. Stay tuned on Wednesdays only on Disney+.

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