Loki Episode 5 Full Review – More Variants More Problem

The fifth episode of currently the biggest show in the world is here that has perfectly set up the epic finale. Loki is here with its fifth episode hinting at multiple realities and multiverses.

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The fifth episode in the third web series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here and it certainly builds up the epic finale that will be hitting Disney+ next week. This episode brought what the fans were hoping to see all along. Let us take a look at what the fifth episode had to deliver us.

Episode 5: The episode begins with Loki and Sylvie being reset and ending up on a deserted planet where all the variants are sent when they are reset. Loki encounters many other Loki variants who are guilty of their nexus events serving time on this abandoned planet. All the variants chronicle a monster in the clouds that holds all of them in their place and never lets them leave this planet.

Soon after that Loki notices a car dashing towards him from afar and the passengers in that car turn out to be none other than Mobius and Sylvie. The trio and the extra Lokis come up with a plan to exterminate the cloud monster. They execute the plan just as it was supposed to but at the expense of one Loki as he sacrifices himself for the others fulfilling his glorious purpose.

They all together leave the planet with a common answer that the TVA is a hoax and someone possibly the Judge is pulling all the strings all this time and all the workers are former variants who have been brainwashed into becoming the employee of the TVA.

The final episode will release on July 14th and will probably reveal the true identity of the Judge and the reason why she has been pulling all the strings all this time. Some more questions will be answered and the truth will be unveiled. The fate of Loki and Sylvie will be interconnected and intertwined. Loki finale drops on Disney+ on July 14th.

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