Loki Episode 6 Full Review – It All Comes Down To This

The highly anticipated finale is here of the biggest show in the world Loki. The sixth and the final episode catches us off guard with the revelation of the next big bad.

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The sixth and the final episode of season one of the third web series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase four-category just dropped answering and sealing the questions and fate of many characters. The episode had much to offer so let us take a look at what it did.

Episode 6: The episode begins with Loki and Sylvie finding their way out of that monster’s guard and reaching an abandoned castle that exists in the void of time. Miss minutes appears out of nowhere telling them that they have finally reached their destination as He Who Remains is waiting for them. They march forward to witness the sliding of the door revealing the personification of Kang The Conqueror.

He tells them his entire plan which also includes the elements of make-believe and facade. Kang was a scientist in the 31st century when he finally found out that there existed multiple realities and similar universes and finds a way to win them by transmitting powers to his other-selves. The entire event of all the Kang counterparts conquering multiverses was labeled as a multiversal war. Now he rests as he is old but there are many other universes that need winning.

He tells them that he created the TVA and abducted some random people from Earth to perform certain duties on the people who crash out of their timelines and just can’t go back. The concept of time gods was just a stupid story that would get people to believe in it. Kang proposes a deal to kill him or take over his work and continue the legacy of multiverse dominance. Loki and Sylvie fight each other off as Loki wanted Kang to live but Sylvie wanted him dead for dismantling her childhood. Sylvie forces off Loki and stabs Kang in the heart fulfilling his prophecy of reincarnation and dominance. Now Kang will be born again and will take over the multiverse once again.

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