Marvel and DC – Top Superhero Movies of All Time

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Not all superheroes wear capes but some of them do, so we have widdled down the greatest superhero films from Marvel and DC and carefully curated and incorporated them into this list. Check out if your favorite has made it to the list or not.


1. The Dark Knight: The greatest superhero movie of all time.

2. The Dark Knight Rises: This movie will lift you up no matter how broken you are.

3. Batman Begins: The legacy begins of the greatest superhero.

4. Batman vs Superman: Battle of the titans.

5. Man of Steel: The best superman movie out there.

6. The Watchmen: This is pure Zack Snyder.

7. Joker: The standalone film from director Todd Philips and the incredible Joaquin Phoenix.

8. Justice League: Earth’s mightiest come together but in the DC Universe.

9. Wonder Woman: The savior queen of the Amazonians.

10. Aquaman: The king of Atlantis with a throne to lose.

11. Avengers Endgame: The Avengers pull off an impossible time heist.

12. Avengers Infinity War: Thanos collects the stones and does what he always wanted to.

13. Captain America The Winter Soldier: Hydra’s very own secret weapon takes down the entire SHIELD.

14. Captain America Civil War: Avengers get divided over a bunch of documents.

15. Iron Man 3: Final film in the Iron Man trilogy.

16. Thor Ragnarok: Best film in the series because Cate Blanchett was in it.

17. Iron Man 2: New challenges with new suits.

18. Black Panther: King of Wakanda with superhuman strength.

19. Captain Marvel: The strongest and the grumpiest avenger.

20. Iron Man: It all starts from here when a normal man creates something extraordinary.

21. Avengers: Earth’s mightiest superheroes come together to take on the god of mischief.

22. Avengers Age of Ultron: Artificial Intelligence goes wrong and ends up disrupting an entire city.

23. Captain America The First Avenger: Steve Rogers is the world’s first super-soldier.

24. Thor The Dark World: With great power comes great responsibility.

25. Thor: The king of Asgard who isn’t worthy anymore.

26. The Incredible Hulk: Anger management has its own consequences.

27. Ant-Man: The tiniest and the largest superhero out there.

28. Ant-Man and The Wasp: The villain will leave you speechless with its CGI work.

29. Spider-Man Homecoming: Welcome peter parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

30. Spider-Man Far From Home: Mysterio wreaks havoc through hallucinations and projections.

31. Doctor Strange: Master of mystical arts who learned it all from the ancient one.

32. Guardians of The Galaxy: A new team is formed out of maniacs and misfits.

33. Guardians of The Galaxy 2: The team takes on Ego the living planet who delivers a shocking turn.

34. Deadpool: First R-rated film in the series which surely has its reasons for violence and gore.

35. Deadpool 2: A funny follow-up of the original movie that is more violent and more hilarious.

36. X Men: Everything starts from here, from Charles recruiting Logan and many more into his humble abode.

37. X2: The second installment in the x men series.

38. X Men The Last Stand: The final movie in the x men trilogy.

39. X Men Days Of Future Past: This movie is the key moment to the change in the timeline of the series.

40. X Men The First Class: Magneto and Charles Xavier were born as a new dawn for specially-abled beings.

41. X Men Apocalypse: The biggest villain makes his appearance in the film only to challenge the biggest heroes.

42. X Men Dark Phoenix: Jean Grey goes rouge after coming in contact with the dark matter.

43. X Men Origins Wolverine: It all started from here with the birth of James Howlett aka Wolverine.

44. Wolverine: Wolverine takes his adventure to Japan where old wounds reopen and toughness is tested.

45. Logan: Serving as the end for Logan’s and Professor Charles Xavier’s timeline. This is an emotional tribute to the greatest mutant.

46. The New Mutants: The final movie in x men standalone universe before they get in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

47. Spider-Man: The beginning of a new trilogy by Sam Raimi starring Tobey Mcguire in the lead role.

48. Spider-Man 2: The second installment in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy with a different take on a new villain.

49. Spider-Man 3: The final installment in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy ends with an emotional farewell.

50. Daredevil: Starring Ben Affleck in the lead role as Matt Murdock who fights crime in the day as a lawyer and tackles them in the night as a vigilante.

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