Netflix – Kingdom: Ashin Of The North Full Review

The best zombie series in the world and probably the greatest ever is here with its highly anticipated special episode that answers some questions and sets up a stage for the next season.

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Netflix’s hit Korean series Kingdom is here with its much-awaited special episode that will reveal the identity of that mysterious woman at the ending of season 2. The Kingdom is popular throughout the world by some calling it the best zombie project ever made. This thriller series excels the expectations of high-paced thrill and horror that bring certain amazement to the audience.

The beginning of the episode sheds light on a young Ashin who is discovering the truth about the mysterious flower that can bring back the dead. She reads and follows the engravings on the walls of the cave and finds her way to a specific location of the place where that flower grows.

The prime element of the episode focuses on a conspiracy wherein some soldiers from Japan were hunting a zombie-infected tiger in the woods of the Korean Empire which they were sworn to never enter as they were beyond the enemy lines. The Korean army smells their presence and eliminates all of them putting the blame on that tiger itself. But the truth sure as hell comes out one day.

Ashin finds out that the tribe that her father sworn to protect double-crossed her entire village and family by feeding lies to the Japanese that they were the ones who killed their men in the forest, not a tiger. This compels the Japanese tribe to wage war upon the village and wreaking havoc like a massacre on the people.

The climax sequence sheds light on Ashin spreading fire in the entire village and eliminating the entire tribe of Japanese soldiers she also does the extreme and barbaric by offering the zombie turned villagers a fully functioning man from the tribe responsible for her village’s extermination.

The ending minutes of the episode showcase Ashin handing over the flower to Physician Lee who later in the story resurrects the fallen king of the empire triggering the events of Season 1 and 2. Season 3 will focus on the aftermath and the mass chaos spread in the two seasons. Season 3 will also see the story of Ashin come to an end thus concluding the series.

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