Hollywood News: Netflix’s The Sandman Show Full Cast Announced

During the times of late 90s there was a comic book series called "The Sandman" which was winning the hearts of all the readers and the people who were intrigued by the hyptonising story of the novel.

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Written by Neil Gaiman, published by Vertigo Comics, and based on DC character “Dream“, the comic went on to become a large hit worldwide and Netflix.

A couple of years later when warner bros decided to adapt the story into a film, their development stages and film draft couldn’t see the light of the day. With multiple directors stepping down over creative differences and some not finding the script suitable enough to convert it into a movie.

Many plans came into the picture and all of them crashed miserably. Finally last year Netflix announced that the streaming giant will be investing and developing a web series based on the beloved character.

After being inspired by the audiobook distributed by Amazon which went on to become a massive hit on Audible.

Last year Netflix without revealing too much completed the draft of the story that it will be narrating for the screen and commencing the filming a few weeks later in September. This thing and a sudden surprise from Netflix left fans with a question which was about the cast of the show.

Well, Netflix just answered all of our answers by announcing a fresh cast out of multitalented actors and veterans.

The cast includes newcomer Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Asim Chaudhary, and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

They all will be portraying the roles of Dream, Lucifer, Corinthian, Roderick Burgess, Abel, and Cain respectively.

Gwendoline and Charles are no strangers to anybody as they have been in of what could be said “The Greatest Show of All Time” Game of Thrones, portraying Brienne and Tywin respectively.

On the other hand, Boyd Holbrook has been on the horizon on Netflix after the successful inception of his career on the hit web series “Narcos” and “Logan“.

There is still one question that lingers and that is when could we expect for the show to hit on Netflix. Well, the filming is currently in production and by the looks of what amount of data has been shot fans can surely expect it to arrive in the last quarter of the year.


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