Peaky Blinders Season 6 Wraps Production and Shazam 2 Begins Filming

The British television show milestone Peaky Blinders has wrapped up production for its upcoming sixth and the final season. Thor on the other hand has also finished principal photography and now has entered post production phase.

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The British historic gangster drama rose to prominent fame a couple of years ago when it became the only existing television show with a gangster-like mob setting. Marking a small screen conversion for a genre that we often witness in films and cinema. So far 5 seasons have been released by BBC One and have produced a record number of viewership more than any other British show.

The show follows a family who gets tied up in the criminal world and the underground system of mobsters intentionally with the motive of running their own show with a monopoly on the streets of England. The family’s Alpha male Tommy Shelby played by Cillian Murphy leads his siblings into the business of petty thief and bribery which slowly gets turned into attempted murders and kidnappings.

Kidnappings bring out ransom which leads to police investigation and legal charges. Police bring chaos and mayhem which starts the cycle all over again. The show ran for 5 seasons with each season witnessing and introducing a new archenemy to the Shelby family. The best season was season 4 where the main adversary was in the face of Luca Changretta played by Adrien Brody.

The fifth season brought out Sam Claflin as the main antagonist. Sooner after the release of season 5 the creator and the showrunner of Peaky Blinders announced that the show will return for a sixth and final season culminating the story of those street thugs and leaving the doors open for a future possibility of a tie in films.

Now the word just dropped stating that the filming on the highly anticipated sixth and the final season has wrapped up production that will pay homage to the dearly departed Helen Mccrory due to a cancer battle.

In other news, Shazam 2 titled Shazam Fury of The Gods has begun production with Zachary Levi donning a brand new costume for the role. Shazam 2 will bring out Helen Mirren as the main archnemesis of the film.

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