Rapper Xhulooo age and his new song Slayer Diss Lyrics

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Social media has created a great platform for young artists to showcase their talent without spending millions on albums. An incredible example of this prospect is Xhulooo who has become very popular in the American rapping circuit.

His increasing popularity has made people think about the Xhulooo net worth at this young age. If you want to know the same thing, let’s go through the complete article and get answers to all your questions! Xhulooo’s new song is like a addiction for young listeners. The lyrics are out for the song Slayer Diss.

Xhulooo Age

We don’t know the birth date of Xhulooo, but it looks like he is 16 years of age as per 2021 records. In his Insta post, he was written “sixteenski” in status on 22nd June. It looks like his birth date is 22nd June 2005, but nothing can be set in stone. Many people commented “happy birthday” in the comment section, and some of them look like his real-life friends.

Latest Songs of Xhulooo

Xhulooo has a very short career that is ready to take off for sure. He has performed rapping in lots of amazing songs like 4 Man Band, Xoxo, 42, Slayer Diss, Bathing Ape, Run It Up!, Make Ten!, and many more. All his songs are quite incredible and make people fall in love with the songs. That’s why his fan following is on the increasing trend for months now.

Xhulooo Net Worth

Xhulooo might have a shorter career considering his age, but he has made a good amount of money till now. Many leading resources have claimed Xhulooo net worth is nearly US$ 400,000 that makes him one of the richest teens in his state. It clearly looks like the income of this artist will increase in the upcoming years thanks to his incredible talent. However, it isn’t less by any means considering how young this kid is. The new rappers and kid artists are making great on the charts and music group. Their talent is emerging like morning light from sun.

Slayer Diss Song Lyrics

Xhulooo is one of the most amazing rappers in the American music industry, whose dominance will continue to increase in the next decade. His raps bring an extremely melodious voice that one can hear for hours. We solely wish him good luck on all the upcoming projects. His recent song Slayer Diss was rocking one and it’s lyrics were amazing. You can listen this song on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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