Resident Evil Reboot Movie Announces Release Date

The Resident Evil franchise has ever been a growing platform for both films and games. With the game being developed in the late 90s and generating a massive fandom and reviews around it, gave an opportunity to the movie makers to adapt the game series into a film franchise.

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The film series began in the early 2000s with the first film being released in 2002 titled “Resident Evil.” Which fared quite positively on the box office, with fans loving the performance from Mila Jovovich and rest of the cast including a massive praise about the production design of the film.

This review and performance of the cast and the characters along with the revenue on box office made the film makers greedy for money which resulted in the franchise getting 6 more films back to back with the latest one releasing in 2017. The Resident Evil franchise did come a long way to earn billions by now.

Last year when the creative team at sony pictures decided along with the game heads that there was indeed a plan at the table focusing on a possible reboot everyone suggested that this would be a good idea to revive the series which would also bring on the flow of cash.

The film was given a greenlight last year and with the filming beginning shortly after, resident evil crew members announced that the main character which was played by Mila Jovovich will be replaced by spanish actress Kaya Scoledario. Filming however was completed in the month of January 2021.

With the cast and the crew wrapping up the production last month took to social media to announce the freshly decided date on which the movie will be dropping on. The reboot film will be releasing on September 3rd 2021 with the main actress being Kaya Scoledario and distribution right with Sony pictures.

Resident Evil Reboot to drop on September 3 2021 by Sony Pictures.

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