Shang Chi The Legend Of The Ten Rings Trailer Released and New Transformers Movie Announced

Marvel just dropped the very first trailer for Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings and it is on the verge of blowing up the internet. Transformers 7 just got confirmed by Paramount Pictures, Michael Bay sits this one out.

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Marvel Studios is taking no days off in hyping up the fans for their upcoming movie titles. So far the fans have witnessed three-phase four projects with all of them being in the form of web series. WandaVision entertained fans with its sitcom-based thriller storyline crisscrossed with colorful action sequences and witty characters.

Then came Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which displayed high-performance action sequences synced with intriguing story patterns and a character motive like no other. And now we are into the third project of phase four as Loki is tearing up the internet every Wednesday on Disney+. So far three episodes have been released and fans are already admiring the style and swag of our very own God of Mischief. His wit and cleverness infused with charisma and soul-hitting dialogues are what makes our day.

2 weeks from now on July 9th the audience will get to see the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film after a 2-year long hiatus courtesy of the pandemic. The 24th in overall film installment will focus on the secret covert spy Natasha Romanoff and her journey to becoming the Black Widow. In September the film fest will be back with the first Asian superhero of the marvel family titled Shang Chi The Legend of The Ten Rings will showcase the biggest kept secret and the best hand-to-hand combat sequence.

The film galore will carry on in The Eternals on November 5 when the oldest and strongest of all the superheroes will come alive. And at last, our neighborhood-friendly Spider-Man will swing in for the third time in Spider-Man Far From Home on December 17. Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel the remaining two web series will find their dates on run in some time between these runs.

Apart from that Transformers 7 just got confirmed titled Transformers Rise of The Beasts.

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