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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Prequel House of The Dragon Begins Production Along With Masters of The Air

Television sensation game of thrones aired its last episode 2 years ago and the creative team behind it soon after concluding the show announced a plethora of prequel shows that were in the development. Some of the shows were greenlit by HBO while the others were discarded or scrapped due to the creative deficiencies. But there were 5 greenlit shows in early stages of production on the network.

Game of Thrones

HBO Announces 3 Game Of Thrones Spinoffs – Flea Bottom, Sea Snake and 10,000 Ships

Ever since the final episode of the hit award winning show Game of Thrones aired fans have been eagerly and desperately waiting for some news related to the upcoming spinoffs and sequels that are expected to be picked up by the network. Five spinoffs were announced and the very first one that was supposed to be based on the first men and their war against children of the forest and the white walkers entered into production with Naomi Scott in the lead role.


All Big Movie Castings Announced This Week

The valentine week ended with a bang for all sorts of lovers, but it also ended with great surprise for movie lovers as potential cast members were announced for the upcoming block busters.

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