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All Big Movies Releasing in March.

The month of March is all set to bring the latest blockbusters across all streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Hulu and obviously the theatres. With enough content already present in the form of tv shows the addition of films can result in a great subscription hike. So without further ado let us take a look what March has to offer.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai Season 4 Begins Filming

One of the major pop culture icons surely include the karate kid series. The karate kid series became an instant hit and is considered one of the best film franchises of the 80s decade. The film series has introduced us many characters but one character tops the list of the most friendly characters ever. The karate kid brought the legend of Mr. Miyagi whose discipline and frienship transcends all boundaries.

GI Joe

GI Joe Spinoff and Steven Soderberg’s Next Film Announced

The GI Joe film series has always left the audience exhilarated with its high octane action sequences and immersive usage of high quality arsenal. The Hasbro toy line was fist converted into a film decade ago with the title GI Joe Rise of The Cobra and almost a couple of years later the Hasbro guys came up with a sequel with the name GI Joe Retaliation starring Dwayne Johnson.

Army of The Dead

Army of The Dead Trailer Released Showcases Heavy Action

Netflix just released the very first official trailer of Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead starring Dave Bautista in the leading role whose objective is to rob a casino amidst the zombie outbreak. Infiltrating a zombie-filled casino only to come out as a lavish man the tag line of the film says it all Survivor Takes It All.

David Fincher

David Fincher Announces New Film With Michael Fassbender

The cinematic maestro and the father of modern day classics David Fincher has announced a brand new film within the genre that he has been working his whole life in. The mastermind filmmaker has announced a chilling thriller titled “The Killer”.


All Big Movie Castings Announced This Week

The valentine week ended with a bang for all sorts of lovers, but it also ended with great surprise for movie lovers as potential cast members were announced for the upcoming block busters.

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