Loki Episode 1 Full Review – Marvel Studios Is Back To Blow Our Senses Away

Marvel Studios is here with its third television show or web series and a third attempt to deliver the audience a brand new post endgame experience. Loki is all set to take us on an adventure spanning throughout multiple timelines and time travelling incidents.

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Marvel is here with another spellbinding web series enriched with spectacular production design and compelling stories that are carried out by our beloved superheroes and favorite villains. Marvel so far has delivered us WandaVision the first to come out in nearly two years, Falcon and The Winter Soldier the second to come out narrating and protecting the legacy of the shield and we are down to the third series titled Loki.

Marvel just dropped the very first episode of Loki so without further ado here is your review.
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Episode 1: Loki is attempting to plan for his downfall by the avengers

Loki is trying to process his defeat by the Avengers who managed to stop his attack and invasion of new york city but suddenly finds the tesseract on his feet which he uses to escape creating a massive disruption to the timeline. He finds himself in Mongolia only to be retrieved by the TVA agents who bring him to the headquarters of TVA to stand trial for his time crime. He first takes all of these things as a joke but sooner realizes that the deal is real this time.

He pleads not guilty of his actions and defends himself by saying why didn’t you guys arrest the Avengers they were the ones who time traveled and he is here because of the mistake they made. Loki gets a fair answer and is hired by agent Mobius who explains the surroundings and the objectives of the TVA by showcasing the past, present, and future of Loki to him.

Investigating to capture the sinister version of Loki himself.

Loki gets a deal from Mobius that he helps him clear up all the mess he made and in return, he gets his freedom, as Mobius is struggling to find the killer of an unknown man in a church who he believes is a time traveler. And in the end, we get a glimpse of that exact same man who kills some TVA agents and sets fire on a river shore. Mobius tells Loki that the person they are trying to capture is a sinister version of Loki himself.

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