The Suicide Squad Full Review – James Gunn Just Introduced Himself To DC

James Gunn does it again but this time with DC as he makes the weirdest superheroes the funniest with a mixture of R rated violence and immersive color. James Gunn breathes a new life of scintillating action in The Suicide Squad.

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The highly anticipated tenth installment in the DC Universe just dropped and it has surely delivered it as it comes straight from the horribly beautiful mind of James Gunn. The Suicide Squad serves as a reboot sequel to the first one and a tenth installment in the overall count of total DCEU films to date. Let us take a look at what this film brings us.

The film begins with Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller recruiting a group of convicts for pulling off a deadly mission on the coast of Corto Maltese. She hires Savant, Blackguard, Mongral, Javelin, TDK, Weasel, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn portrayed by Joel Kinnaman and Margot Robbie.

The team is met with an ambush on the coast of Corto Maltese eliminating all of them except Rick Flag and Harley Quinn. Then we get a glimpse of Team B landing on the other coast of Corto Maltese that was also hired secretly by Amanda Waller subsequently with the first but without the knowledge of the other. The second team includes John Cena’s Peacemaker, Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, Daniela’s Ratcatcher 2, David Dastalamchian’s Polka Dot Man, and Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark.

The B Team is tasked with 3 objectives with the first one being, rescuing Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, the second one locating the whereabouts of a man named The Thinker who is the mastermind behind the secret operation in Corto Maltese, and the third one culminating the job by destroying the secret project Titled Project Starfish in Corto Maltese.

The team executes the foolproof plan they had build to accomplish all these three objectives, to complete the first one they eliminate the people capturing their Rick Flag, Secondly they successfully apprehend The Thinker and waft some answers out of him about how to infiltrate the secret facility where project starfish was being built. The third phase goes down with an epic climax with half of the team going rogue in a feud with each other and the other half destroying the giant monster.

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