The Tomorrow War Full Review – Biggest Movie In Prime Video History

Amazon Prime Video just recorded a massive hike in the streaming data as the biggest film in their legacy just dropped and is crashing the servers all across the globe.

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Things can go in three directions with an alien movie. First, it can bring comedies like Men In Black or Paul. Second, it can be turned into a creepy horror flick like the alien series by Ridley Scott. But the most updated genre with an alien theme will surely come in the form of an action blockbuster and we do have some big names in that niche, names like Battleship and Edge of Tomorrow.

This week we got the taste of The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt on Amazon Prime Video. Let us take a look at what the flick had in store for us.

The Tomorrow War: The film begins will Chriss Pratt falling from the sky into a swimming pool in the year 2051. Later the scene cuts back to the present in 2021 where some soldiers show up in the middle of a football match to alert the people of today that 30 years from now there will be a war in the future and we will request your co-operation and service in that war for posterity.

Chriss Pratt is summoned along with a bunch of whole other people of his age group and is deployed into the year 2051. Their objective was to locate a team that was sent to hunt down the aliens. Chriss and company encounter certain obstacles in their way before they finally come to know that the team they are looking for is already killed in action.

They all together battle down the alines and are sent to another mission after that to capture the female alien itself, just to figure out the Achilles heel in them. The team after an entire session of struggle, hustled and harried captures the female. Experiments figure out a soft spot that when infused with a specially designed serum has the power to eliminate them.

Chriss takes that serum to the present world in order to kill them before they wreak havoc in the future. Their journey leads them to Russian mountains where the aliens remain dormant and are awakened by the noise and we get to witness an epic climax battle between the aliens and the team.

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