“The Walking Dead” Final Season Begins Filming

News coming in from AMC studios announcing that the final season of the post apocalyptic zombie thriller show "The Walking Dead" has started principal photography.

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News coming in from AMC studios announcing that the final season of the post-apocalyptic zombie thriller show “The Walking Dead” has started principal photography.

The Walking Dead aired its first-ever episode in 2010 and till the end of the second season, it had already shattered every television record and was being called the best show in the business.



But slowly the limelight started to fade off as the story became a sort of a good vs evil battle rather than the hunt for survival against the dead. The show started bringing in villains and archenemies shifting the focus from zombies and diseases.

This resulted in a massive fall in the popularity of the show as the story was stretching a single villain for 2 seasons of 16 episodes each. Fans lost interest in the show which led to poor ratings on the television network.

After the downfall of the show, the show creators announced a couple of spinoff projects that would tie around the walking dead universe together. The first spinoff was titled “Fear The Walking Dead” which serves as a prequel to the show and is currently airing its episodes for season 6. Apart from this, it has also been renewed for season 7.

A few months later the AMC network announced that the walking dead would be ending with season 11 with filming expected to begin in February. Before the announcement, the network also announced that the second spinoff titled “The Walking Dead The World Beyond” which aired its first episode last year is renewed for a second and final season.

Both the shows are expecting to begin filming for their last season in the month of February, with no official end date or end season news announced for fear the walking dead, the show is renewed for the 7th season, which will air this year.

The Walking Dead ends with season 11 with filming currently under production, filming back to back with The Walking Dead World Beyond season 2 which is expected to be the last season for the show.

The Walking Dead airs the remaining 6 additional season 10 episodes on February 28th.

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