The Woman In The Window Full Review – Netflix’s Latest Psychological Thriller

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Netflix just dropped the highly anticipated film The Woman in The Window that has been in production for some years now. The film was announced in 2018 with Amy Adams picked up to star in it. The movie is based on the New York Times best-selling thriller novel of the same name. After generating hype for two years now fans have got what they were asking for all along.

The film focuses on a woman who is agoraphobic and is quite afraid to step out of her house but when she befriends a neighbor and watches her being murdered by her own husband. The lady must sum up all her fears to unravel the mystery of the assassination.

The plot follows Amy Adams’s character Anne Fox living in a large mansion with her tenant David Winter, played by Wyatt Russell dwelling in her basement. Then suddenly a new family moves into the neighborhood right across from her house. The next day a woman shows up at the door who happens to be the lady who just moved into the neighborhood with her family. A day later her son becomes the friend of Anne and borrows some movies to indulge upon.

That same night, Anne hears a loud scream and witnesses her friend being murdered by her husband. She calls the police, leading to an investigation, and turns out the woman and her entire family are safe with not a single scratch on anybody. This brings out a major conflict about a woman being murdered who has no identity which later builds up to a hallucination case of the witness.

In order to prove her stable mental state and the cover-up of that murder, Anne Fox goes full undercover with a series of events leading up to a massive revelation. The film is currently a hit on the global leader in streaming Netflix and stars Gary Oldman and Brian Tyree Henry in supporting roles.

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